13 Selfies You Took (Or Will Take) on Your Birthright Trip

October 21, 2015

by Ilana of Birthright Israel


1. Group selfie at the airport

Airport selfie
















2. Group selfie on the bus

bus selfie
















3. With your new camel bestie

camel selfie



























4. Sunrise on Masada

masada selfie















5. Getting covered in mud at the Dead Sea

dead sea selfie















6. With your sleeping bus mates

bus sleeping selfie
















7. Chowing down on some schwarma

shawarma selfie
















8. On the beach in Tel Aviv

tel aviv selfie
















9. With your new Israeli soldier friends

soldier selfie















10. On your night out on Ben Yehuda Street

ben yehuda















11. At the Western Wall

western wall selfie













12. With the best iced coffee from Aroma




























13. With the most knowledgable person you’ll meet — your tour educator and Israel guru!

tour educator selfie



























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