How To Get Started

Getting Started: How to Get Genetic Testing with JScreen

Individuals or couples getting genetic testing with JScreen will begin with a few simple steps to get started:

1. Know before you screen.

Our program advocates screening as much as we do genetic screening education. To ensure that individuals planning to be screened fully understand the processes and potential outcomes, we require the completion of a short knowledge-based test  prior to beginning the testing process. Our educational materials are thorough, yet convenient and answer all of the questions. Once you correctly pass our quiz about screening – with or without reviewing educational materials – you will then receive next steps via email and can then purchase your genetic testing kit.

2. Order Your Kit.

You and/or your partner can order a genetic test kit conveniently on our website. Click here to submit your order. The test will be delivered to your home to be collected and sent for analysis via pre-paid postage at your convenience.

3. Collect, Seal, Send.

Once your kit is received, you’ll simply collect your sample in the enclosed tube, seal it with the cap provided, and return it to our lab in the pre-paid mailer. The whole process takes only 2-5 minutes. After your sample is analyzed, you’ll receive the results via email and next steps for counseling, as necessary.

Read JScreen FAQs for answers to more frequently asked questions about the JScreen test, process and counseling program.