Welcome! If you’ve made it here, you’ve already taken an important step to help keep your family healthy. Our story would have been very different if we were provided access to reliable genetic testing when we were starting our family. When Havi died from Tay-Sachs disease, our lives were shattered, and we hope to help other families avoid this tragedy. We encourage everyone to get screened at JScreen before becoming pregnant. - Myra & Matt
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Why it Matters

If you and your partner are both carriers of the same genetic disease, there is a 25% chance with each pregnancy that your child will be born with that disease.

Do carrier couples have options to help them have a child without that disease?

Yes. By knowing their carrier status prior to conception, couples have a variety of options including IVF with pre-implantation genetic testing, egg/sperm donation from a non-carrier or natural conception with prenatal testing through CVS or amniocentesis.

What if we already have a healthy child, is screening still necessary?

Since each pregnancy has an independent risk of being affected, it’s essential to get screened for the first time or update your disease panel in between pregnancies.

A note from the author, Myra Sack:

Fifty-Seven Fridays is written to escort its readers through life’s most painful realities; the reader has a front-row seat to our extraordinary love and extraordinary grief, from Havi’s diagnosis through her death, and in the first year after she dies. I wish I never had to write it.

Tay-Sachs carriers can be identified through genetic screening. Matt’s carrier status wasn’t identified because his doctor ordered the wrong test. Here’s our advice for prospective parents who are accessing genetic screening.

Preventive genetic screening is one of the most powerful healthcare interventions that we have at our disposal and is relevant not only for people who are considering starting a family but to identify risk for other diseases including cancer. Every parent wants nothing more than to have a healthy child and as parents, we should also make sure we’re doing everything we can for ourselves to be around and healthy as long as possible for our kids.

After Havi’s death, my physician husband, Matt, spent a lot of time trying to understand how the mistake the physician made could have happened. What he learned is that our medical system barely utilizes preventive genetic screening and that most physicians and health centers don’t have the knowledge, systems, or infrastructure to guide patients to and through the right tests. In that search, he came across JScreen, an organization that has been doing exceptionally high-quality and high-touch, home-based preventive genetic screening on a national scale for over a decade. JScreen has largely focused on serving the Jewish community (because of the higher risk of genetic diseases in this population) but the services they offer are available and relevant to everyone. My recommendation for prospective parents is that they access genetic screening through an organization like JScreen or a genetic counselor or knowledgeable physician who can direct them to appropriate testing.

How Does it Work?

With JScreen, genetic testing is accurate, affordable, and most importantly, confidential. Our comprehensive, at-home, saliva-based test screens for over 200 diseases and is applicable to everyone regardless of ethnic background. Our online registration is easy! We work with your healthcare provider to obtain approval for the test. Once we’ve received your kit, a licensed genetic counselor follows up with you regarding your results, and provides the personalized guidance you deserve.

Make the empowered choice. Genetic testing puts your future back in your hands. Take action. Take control. Get screened.

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