Know What’s In Your Genes.

Genetic testing keeps our community healthy from generation to generation.

Genetic testing is an incredible tool that can help ensure a healthy Jewish community today and for generations to come. Results are empowering and life-saving. Whether it’s learning your hereditary cancer risk or seeing what diseases you could unknowingly pass on to your children, it all begins with a saliva test.

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Get the conversation started with your friends and family with the 4 Questions of JScreen at Passover’:

1. Why do I need genetic testing?
Knowledge is power. Genetic testing provides you with information about your genetic risk factors, allowing you to take action and be proactive about your health and your family’s health.

2. What type of genetic testing do I need?
Genetic testing can help you learn about your hereditary cancer risk or which diseases you could unknowingly pass on to your children. JScreen offers two testing options.

     – Reproductive Genetic Testing: JScreen tests for 200+ genetic conditions that are common in people with Jewish and other backgrounds that could impact the health of your future family.

     – Cancer Genetic Testing: JScreen tests for BRCA and 60+ other genes associated with risks for over 40 different types of cancer. Those who test positive can take steps to prevent cancer from developing, or to detect it at an early, treatable stage.

3. Is it more than just Tay-Sachs?
Yes! Screening has come a long way since the 1970s when only Tay-Sachs testing was available. The JScreen panel now includes over 200 conditions, including Tay-Sachs. Anyone considering starting or expanding their family is encouraged to get screened.

4. Is all at-home testing equal?
The short answer is no. When considering testing, make sure the company or lab provides medical grade testing using state-of-the art technology, offers up-to-date comprehensive testing panels, and includes genetic counseling to help you understand your results.

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