About the JScreen Jewish Genetic Testing Process

JScreen’s Jewish genetic testing process is best utilized before a couple is planning to become pregnant and start a family for the first time. With foresight from genetic screening, parents can better understand their risks and options when it comes to their children’s health. The test is conducted by a simple, saliva-based assay (spit test) done in the privacy and convenience of your home.

The sample is then mailed to a CLIA-certified laboratory to be analyzed for genetic markers for more than 200 different diseases – including those that are predominant in the Jewish community. Genetic testing results are reviewed and reported to participants by genetic counselors at Emory University. Individuals identified as carriers for any of the genetic diseases screened by JScreen’s DNA testing process will be obligated to participate in genetic counseling follow-up by telephone (or in person when necessary) with one of our counselors. Through genetic counseling, our professionals are able to best help you plan and prepare for the healthiest possible future for your family.

How to Pay for Genetic Testing: Affording JScreen

Cutting-edge genetic testing processes can be very expensive. However, the JScreen genetic test ensures that individuals with private health insurance, the only out-of-pocket expense is a small program fee. If the entire cost of the test is covered by insurance, the program fee will not be returned. Read more about how to afford genetic testing with help from JScreen here.