About JScreen’s ReproGEN test

  • Determines risk for having a child with a genetic disease
  • Designed for individuals between the ages of 18-45
  • At-home, saliva test
  • State-of-the-art sequencing technology with highest detection rates
  • Low program fee
  • Comprehensive panel with 200+ diseases
  • Genetic counseling included

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Ethnicity and Genetic Disease
Risk Assessment

Everyone is at risk for being a carrier of a genetic disease:

Four simple steps to test

  • 01
    Complete the secure, online kit request. You may wish to include information about your doctor so that JScreen can follow up, if needed.
  • 02
    JScreen will obtain a test order from an ordering physician on your behalf and then mail you a saliva collection kit with a pre-paid envelope to send the sample to the lab.
  • 03
    Results are typically available within 3 weeks, and a 15-20 minute phone consultation with a genetic counselor is required for most participants.
  • 04
    When the entire process is complete, a copy of your results will be securely shared with you.

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