5 Reasons It’s Great to be in Florida in April

April 2, 2015

by Amanda Satsky


Florida is a great place to live, but it also happens to be a wonderful place to visit. And just in time for April, Florida has got a lot going on. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, love to shop, or simply want to relax, you can fulfill your kind of fun in the sunny state of Florida.


  1. Low Humidity

Florida weather in April is a breeze. Literally. They don’t call it the Sunshine state for nothing. The humidity in April is significantly lower than the rest of the year and you can go to the beach without getting heat stroke. Feel free to let that hair down and kiss the frizz goodbye!


  1. This Miami Marlins Game

Sit on the baseline at Marlins Park on April 8th with JScreen as the Miami Marlins take on the Atlanta Braves. Grab your baseball caps and gloves, and let JScreen take you on a pre-game tour.


  1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Spanned between Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a must-see magical experience for people of all ages. Consider checking out this enchanted haven in April before summer starts up, and the lines get out of control.


  1. Key Lime Pie

As the heat kicks in, you’ll need to find a few ways to cool down. Key lime pie should definitely be one of them. Why settle for anything less when you can eat the best key lime pies in the Florida Keys all month long? (Besides on Passover, of course).


  1. Shopping on Miami Beach

Don’t bother packing any clothes — you can buy an entire new summer wardrobe in South Beach, Miami. Spend the day strolling along the shops, and see what kind of steals you can find. Miami has got it all!


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