5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Love

February 16, 2015

by Rachel Cohen

Heart-shaped candy, dinner and a movie, and endless displays of love are a hot topic for the month of February. While exchanging cards and over-sized teddy bears might be the classic way to show love, we think 2015 is the year for innovation! Here are 5 unique ways to show affection that don’t include any trips to the Hallmark Store.

Be Adventurous

Spending time together exploring new places is the perfect way to celebrate love. Not only do you get to experience something out of the ordinary, but you’ll also get to share a new adventure with one another. Plan a hike in a nearby nature park with a picnic lunch, or take a day trip to a place that you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Enjoy a “staycation” in town and make a point of visiting museums, attractions, and sights in your own town that you’ve never had a chance to see. The opportunities for adventure are endless — and could be right in your back yard.

Eat Up!

Despite the stereotype, a simple dinner can wind up less romantic than originally planned. With fixed menus and high prices, staying within the comfort of your own home may be the best option. Opt for making dinner together, or recreate your favorite restaurant’s meal in your own kitchen! Or try baking your loved one their favorite dessert from scratch. No matter how the finished product turns out, putting effort into making one of their favorites will show that you truly know the path to their heart.

Help Out

The love doesn’t need to stop with you two — spread it to your community too. Do a mitzvah by volunteering at a food bank, or spending a day helping out the animals at your local SPCA. Check with organizations in your community to see if they need assistance gathering donations, or are holding any fundraising events that you and your loved one could be a part of.

Get Creative

Roses are a classic symbol of love, but a true sign of knowing someone is tailoring the flower-giving tradition to them personally. Gift a bouquet filled with the flowers used in your wedding, or a variety that you frequently spot together in your neighborhood. Roses are tried and true, but they can be pricey. Want to try something really unique? Build a bouquet of candy! Any personalized touch is sure to be unforgettable.

Get Screened

Signing up for genetic screening proves your supreme commitment to the future of your family and the coming generations you and your loved one may be responsible for. JScreen provides the unique opportunity to show care and consideration for those who are and will be important to you. By getting screened, you are investing in knowledge — learning your risk, your partner’s risk, and ultimately planning together for a healthy family.


So what’s our advice during this month of love? Get creative when telling the people around you that you love them! Think outside of the box when it comes to gift giving, and plan some extra special ways to spend time together. And remember, there is never a bad time to show the people you care about just how much you value and appreciate them.

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