6 Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Craving — Israeli Style

February 24, 2016

by Kara Wexler

Love sweets? Turns out, your genes might actually influence that sweet tooth you’ve always tried to suppress.

A study by Dr. Danielle Reed, of Monell Chemical Senses Center, found that a certain subset of the population is genetically more likely to have a “weak sweet taste,” which then creates a craving for more sugar. Reed explained, “Just as people born with a poor sense of hearing may may need to turn up the volume to hear the radio, people born with a weak sweet taste may need an extra teaspoon of sugar in their coffee to get the same sweet punch.”

So, no shame, go grab yourself something delicious. And, if you’re extra lucky you’ll get a hold of one of these Israeli-chocolate-melt-in-your-mouth-oh-so-incredible goodies.

To get your cravings up to par, here’s our top 6 favorite Israeli Chocolates:


Krembo6. Krembo

As the name literally translates to “cream in it,” this chocolate-covered, marshmallow cream-topped goodness is often referred to as Israel’s national winter snack. This treat is so popular in Israel that you can even see it in Israeli films, television shows and songs. [Fun fact for you Harry Potter fanatics: In the Hebrew version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Dumbledore’s favorite sherbet lemon treat is replaced by a Krembo.]




5. KlikKilk

The delicious chocolate-covered treats range from cookies to cornflakes to pretzels to wafers. Klik also comes in a chocolate-bar form. Many adults also enjoy Kilk’s “fine taste” line which includes chocolate covered hazelnuts, pecans, bittersweet chocolate and pomegranate flavors.







Milky4. Milky

Okay yes, not technically traditional chocolate, but this chocolate pudding is the “most successful dairy product on the Israeli market since its debut in 1979”. This Milky pudding contains a top-secret and oh-so-delicious whipped cream topping which only five people know about. Intrigued yet?




3. Waferswafers

We’re salivating just thinking about these delectable treats. Apparently, you can find these wafers in 92 percent of Israeli households on a regular basis. Wafers appeal to all ages with their perfect combination of crunchy and meltable delight. Alternative flavors include chocolate, lemon, vanilla, hazelnut and coffee flavors.



Pesak2. Pesak Zman

This yumminess is the Israeli version of an American KitKat. The chocolate coating comes in white, dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Yes, please!






1. Elite Chocolate BarsCow

Straight out of the I-just-came-from-a-short-trip-in-Israel starter pack, travelers bring back bricks and bricks of this beloved treat. “Cow Chocolate,” a representation of it’s 1950s packaging, has a perfected taste with flavors for every chocolate lover. Some of our favorite flavors include Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Popping Candy, and Bittersweet Chocolate with Milk Chocolate Cream. If you haven’t tried the Popping Candy flavor, beware. It’s addicting.
No matter what time of year it is, it’s always a good time to fulfill all of your wildest dreams of Israeli chocolate. And if you happen to have a special someone in your life to share these treats, you’re even luckier. Once the two of you upgrade to exchanging Israeli Chocolate, JScreen would love to be a part of your next step together.


JScreen is a non-profit, community-based public health initiative dedicated to preventing Jewish genetic diseases. Headquartered in Atlanta at Emory University School of Medicine, the JScreen initiative is a collaboration among clinical geneticists, socially minded businesses, and nonprofits to provide everyday people with a ready access point to cutting-edge genetic testing technology, patient education, and genetic counseling services.