8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Matzah

March 26, 2015

by Amanda Satsky

The 8-day festival of Passover is swiftly approaching, and by now you’re probably well versed in the traditions. As you’re rounding up and removing every last Chametz crumb from your home, you might also be wondering how you’ll make the highly symbolic matzah bread the star of the show this year. Here’s some colorful inspiration to help you elevate this Passover staple from dry to delightful!

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  1. Build a Matzah House

Gingerbread houses are so last season. Grab a few other Kosher ingredients and get started on your first ever Matzah house!




Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.46.38 AM




  1. Make a Matzah Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? Now you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite food all week. There are plenty of matzah pizza recipes out there just waiting to be tested and tasted.





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  1. Spread Cream Cheese and Lox on your Matzah

When you’re craving that bagel and shmear, have no fear! Matzah makes a surprisingly tasty stand-in for your favorite bagel.









  1. Make Matzah S’mores

Step aside, graham crackers! matzah s’mores are a sweet twist on the camping classic, and you won’t be able to eat just one.











  1. Cook Matzah Grilled Cheese

It’s so simple, yet so delicious. Next question. Do you then replace the classic bowl of creamy tomato soup with the seasonally appropriate option: matzah ball soup?









  1. Play a New Game

Mix up the Passover entertainment this year and try replacing matzah hide and seek by using matzah to play cards, bingo, or even using it as a Frisbee. There are plenty of inventive ways to turn your unleavened dough into an exciting game. Bonus points to those who successfully juggle a set of matzah balls.





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  1. Try Avocado Toast

Since 2014, all anyone can talk about is avocado toast. The list of new avocado toast recipes never seems to end. After Passover this year, all anyone will be talking about is avocado matzah. Swap out your whole wheat bread for a piece of matzah, and you’ve truly conquered the latest trend.









  1. Embrace your Creativity

Can never find a bookmark when you need one? Looking for a new coaster to set that fourth glass of Manischewitz on? Matzah may just be your answer — assuming you don’t mind a few crumbs lying around.





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