Genetics: A Capella Style

January 30, 2015

We weren’t content to end 2014 without a memorable JScreen video. So in December we teamed up with Emory University’s Jewish A Capella group, ChaiTunes. A flair for singing is certainly in their DNA!

Equipped with hilariously reimagined lyrics for Billy Joel’s ‘For the Longest Time’ and a sizable mischievous streak, we created what can only be described as a unique, highly memorable, and entirely new perspective on genetic screening.

So how about giving JScreen a try? After all, the clues are ample in your saliva sample. It’s catchy – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Curious? Take action for your family and get your screening kit to learn if you’re at risk of passing a genetic disorder on to your future kids.

Thanks to all of the thoroughly talented members of Emory’s ChaiTunes – you were just the lox our JScreen bagel needed! And thanks to Billy Joel, for providing the perfect foundation for an important message.

JScreen is a non-profit, community-based public health initiative dedicated to preventing Jewish genetic diseases. Headquartered in Atlanta at Emory University School of Medicine, the JScreen initiative is a collaboration among clinical geneticists, socially minded businesses, and nonprofits to provide everyday people with a ready access point to cutting-edge genetic testing technology, patient education, and genetic counseling services.