Kendal Jaffe Brings JScreen To Her Community

January 27, 2023


“Due in part to my medical background and to my passion for Judaism I knew that bringing JScreen to my community was something very important to me. Taking care of children in the pediatric ICU has exposed me to numerous genetic diseases as well as knowing people in my own community whose families have been affected by these conditions has made me realize how necessary these tests truly are.


Genetic screening provides so much information and is vital in helping young people think about the future. Knowing the risks of having a child with an inherited genetic disease can be worrisome and JScreen helps take some of that fear away by offering genetic counseling in addition to the screening.


I’m grateful to have been able to partner with this organization and I hope others can see the value of getting this screening.”


– Kendal Jaffe


Headquartered in Atlanta at Emory University’s Department of Human Genetics, JScreen is a national non-profit offering at-home comprehensive and affordable genetic testing and counseling.

ReproGEN – determines risk for having a child with a genetic disease

CancerGEN – tests for genetic changes that increase risk for many types of cancer

If a person or couples’ risk is elevated, genetic counselors will privately address the results, options and resources to help plan for a healthy future.

JScreen believes that a combination of education, access to state-of-the-art testing technology, and personalized support by qualified medical professionals are key to preventing devastating genetic diseases.