Random Acts of Kindness Day and How You Can Celebrate

February 14, 2019

By: Megan Castiel

While there aren’t any decorations or songs involved, Random Acts of Kindness Day should nonetheless be celebrated. This day might not seem special if you try your best to be kind each day, but here are some tips and suggestions to go the extra mile on February 17th. If you need some extra inspiration, check out these kind deeds. 

Donate to Your Local Thrift Store:

Odds are you have that pile of clothes in the corner of your closet that you keep telling yourself you are going to wear one day. While that day may never come, February 17h is just around the corner! Whether it’s Goodwill, Salvation Army, or any other thrift store near you, take the time to gather all the clutter and donate it to a worthy cause.

Pay Ahead:

Paying the tab of a person behind you in line has recently become a kindness trend. This tends to happen at coffee shops or other quick food places where the person randomly lets the cashier know that they want to pay the bill for another patron. There are even stories of people continuously paying ahead, think of a line of kindness. To the receiver of this gesture, this simple deed can mean a lot.

Tip Generously:

Whether it is going out to eat or getting your car wash, these employees work hard to make sure you receive good service. Perhaps Random Acts of Kindness Day can inspire you to raise your tip by 5-10% (or more). I’m sure they’d appreciate the added surprise.

Call Your Friends or Family

While we love our friends and family, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with communication. These people are important to you so give them a call! Talk about all the great acts of kindness you had been doing throughout the day and maybe inspire them to do the same. While you’re on the phone, show them you care by telling them to get JScreened if they’re planning to have kids so they can have peace of mind concerning their future children. Or better yet, gift them a kit!

Headquartered in Atlanta at Emory University’s Department of Human Genetics, JScreen is a national non-profit offering at-home comprehensive and affordable genetic testing and counseling.

ReproGEN – determines risk for having a child with a genetic disease

CancerGEN – tests for genetic changes that increase risk for many types of cancer

If a person or couples’ risk is elevated, genetic counselors will privately address the results, options and resources to help plan for a healthy future.

JScreen believes that a combination of education, access to state-of-the-art testing technology, and personalized support by qualified medical professionals are key to preventing devastating genetic diseases.