JScreen Genetic Counseling Program: Understand your genetic test results

What is Genetic Counseling?

Genetic counseling is a process by which individuals or couples are informed about inherited diseases they may be at risk for passing to future generations. Genetic counselors interpret test results in the context of family history and assist patients to make informed medical or family planning decisions.

What’s different about JScreen’s Genetic Counseling program?

Couples and individuals who choose JScreen are offered complimentary genetic counseling with test results. Those who are identified as carriers for any of the diseases must participate in our genetic counseling follow-up by telephone (or in person when necessary) with one of our counselors. This ensures that your counselor, your family physician and you can partner to ensure the healthiest future for your children.

Access to our genetic counseling program will be provided with the delivery of your JScreen genetic test results. Learn more about how to get genetic testing with JScreen today.