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Carriers of genetic diseases usually do not have any symptoms of the disease—as a result, they can unknowingly pass it on to their children.

Jewish people, both Ashkenazim and Sephardim, are at increased risk to be carriers. At JScreen, it’s our mission to help all potential parents get screened in a comprehensive and current manner.

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Knowledge Saves Lives

Let’s erase the stigma.

Everyone is a carrier for something. One’s carrier status does not say anything about his or her marriageability or whether they will be a good husband, wife, or parent.

There are only two ways to discover that one is a carrier: get tested or have an affected child. Of course, it is better to have information ahead of time. It’s important to learn your results in order to make informed decisions about your future family.

“When my Kallah teacher reminded me about genetic testing, I thought about all the families in my community who have been impacted by genetic diseases. I knew I needed to get thorough testing so that it wouldn’t happen to me..”

- CD Monsey, NY

JScreen Can Help

Crucial information for young couples.

Testing with JScreen provides information that will be useful in planning for your future children.

The hundreds of diseases on the testing panel fall into different categories, including severe diseases that cause children to pass away at young ages, diseases that cause developmental disabilities, diseases that show up in adulthood, diseases that are treatable, and others.

The most likely scenario for a couple is that they will not be at high risk to have a child affected with one of the genetic diseases on the panel. For those couples who are at risk, there are options to help them have healthy children together. While unlikely, there is a small chance that an individual will learn through testing that they themselves have a personal risk for symptoms of a condition.

Did You Know?

JScreen has 5 key features that set us apart from other Jewish genetic testing options.


JScreen tests for over 200 diseases, including those most common in Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and Mizrachim.


JScreen provides results. Knowing your carrier status can be life-saving for you and your family.


JScreen’s genetic counselor will discuss your results and reproductive options through a confidential phone or video teleconference session.


State-of-the art testing is conveniently done from home on a saliva sample.


Thanks to generous donors, our test is affordable at only $149 for those who provide insurance information.

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About JScreen

JScreen is a not-for-profit program that is part of Emory University School of Medicine’s Department of Human Genetics. With a mission to prevent Jewish genetic diseases, JScreen makes genetic screening and counseling convenient and affordable. Click here to learn more about JScreen.


How is JScreen different than other genetic screening programs? Does JScreen test for the same genetic diseases as other genetic testing programs? Find answers to these and many others on the FAQ page.

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