Getting Pregnant Again: Genetic Testing for Planning another Baby

If you’re a seasoned parent planning another baby, then you probably know that medical professionals agree:

The emerging consensus is that every Jewish adult should be offered genetic testing before having children.

Although you and your partner may have already participated in a genetic screening program before, medical professionals also recommend parents update their genetic screening before every pregnancy. A carrier couple could have healthy children and then have an affected child. Each child of carrier parents is at a 25% risk for having the disease.

In recent years, new diseases have also been added to the screening panels. You may have been screened for a fewer number of diseases than is currently available, so it is recommended that you get screened again before planning another baby.

Too many times, families are taken by surprise when they have a child born with a life-threatening genetic disorder. But a parent can only know they are a carrier for a genetic disease by taking a genetic test. Luckily, many genetic diseases are preventable if detected and addressed early.

Just when your family’s future is looking brightest, remember the best time to test is before planning another little one. Click here to get started.