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JScreen Product
  • Affordable, accurate, and confidential
  • Prevent passing on a genetic disorder
  • Guidance from licensed genetic counselors
  • Plan for a healthy family
Take action. Take control. Get screened.

* Your information is securely provided to JScreen/JPatible ONLY. We do not make this information available to anyone.

Why it Matters

JScreen Product

If you and your prospective partner are both carriers of a genetic disease, there is a 25% chance with each pregnancy that your child will be born with that disease.

Our number one goal is your peace of mind. By learning your status early, you can explore options that will help you plan for healthy children.

How Does it Work?

With JScreen, genetic testing is accurate, affordable, and most importantly, confidential. The JScreen panel designed for JPatible screens for more than 200 diseases, and the online registration is easy. Once we have all of your information, we will mail you a “spit kit” to collect a saliva sample and ship to our lab in a pre-paid envelope. When results are ready, a licensed genetic counselor will follow up with you regarding your results, and provide the personalized guidance you deserve. When you are ready to check genetic compatibility with a prospective partner, simply contact JPatible.

Genetic testing puts your future in your hands. Take action. Take control. Get screened.

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