Hoping to Start a Family Soon(ish)?

Start By Taking The Right Steps

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes—preparing for a healthy baby before pregnancy?

Hold up! That’s not how the saying goes!

 While it might be more fun to skip straight to the baby carriage—it’s time to slow your roll.

There are things all couples should do BEFORE trying to conceive to help ensure a happy, healthy baby. 

 When 80% of babies with genetic diseases are born to families with no known history of the disease, the truth becomes clear.

 Being prepared on all fronts is not just smart—it’s necessary.

Genetic Testing

Getting Prepared For Your Future Family

While many people focus on getting prepared for *after* the baby’s birth—such as: choosing a daycare, decorating the nursery, and getting all the baby essentials—there is a lot couples should do to get ready *before* the baby gets here. 

These days, thanks to advances in technology, preparing for a healthy pregnancy is easier than ever. From the fun ways to prep (babymoons! getting in shape! clearing out clutter!) to the not-so-fun (scrimping & saving! going to the dentist! losing bad habits!), to the just plain necessary (checking insurance plans, scheduling checkups, genetic testing).

Consider these important areas to get in order now—while you still have time (and freedom).

  • Finances. Babies cost money. Instead of being blindsided by all the new bills—make a plan. 
  • Home. Is there enough room at home for another human? Make sure life’s comfortable for your future family while you can before you’re too busy or tired to get to it.
  • Fitness. Having a baby can take a physical toll on the body. The better shape you’re in now, the easier your pregnancy and delivery may be later. 
  • Health. Make sure you have a clean bill of health by visiting your OB/GYN sooner than later—so you can tackle any issues that arise. 
  • Genetic Screening. Most doctors today recommend genetic testing *before* trying to conceive. Testing prior to conception provides you with more options to help you have a healthy baby. 

Time Is On Your Side - Don't Wait to Make Plans

Starting a new life together can feel crazy—and once the baby gets here, good luck getting anything done! Being prepared early on gives couples an edge that can make a huge difference in your family’s future.

These are just a few of the ways to start preparing for a healthy pregnancy and baby. For more tips and strategies about smart and safe planning, download our free brochure: 18 Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant.

Ready To Start A Healthy Family?

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