The Definitive Ranking of Jewish Musicians

April 10, 2015

by Eddye Golden


In 2013, Billboard magazine released a list of the top 30 Jewish musicians. While the collection was rich with talent, a whole lot can happen in the music industry in two years! We decided it was time for an updated version, so here are our picks for the top Jewish musicians — both vintage and brand new.


  1. Drake

We all know that Drake is secretly an NJB. He’s also from Canada, which makes him that much nicer. With an appearance in Degrassi and songs like ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ under his belt, all Drake needs now is an NJG by his side. Clearly somebody has the talent gene…


  1. Regina Spektor

Regina is certainly an underdog in this category. While her music is full of soul and energy, she isn’t as popular as some other Jews in the music biz. That being said, Spektor makes the list because of her Russian Jewish history and her talent in truly saying what she feels through her music. It’s songs like Fidelity and Samson that have us grooving in our seats and feeling all of the feels. Spektor is also quite the philanthropist, supporting the “Free Tibet” movement and raising money for disaster relief funds.


  1. Simon & Garfunkel

This one was a no-brainer. Simon & Garfunkel are a timeless duo that The Clan is proud to call our own. From singles like Scarborough Fair and Mrs. Robinson to entire soundtracks like The Graduate, Paul and Art have little competition for the top five. Whether you’re sixteen or sixty, jamming out to Cecilia is something we can all enjoy.


  1. Adam Levine

If you don’t wish the album Songs About Jane was about you, then you’ve got some serious reevaluation to do. Adam Levine has a way of reaching into your soul and tugging on those heartstrings like no other. Whether it’s the mellow tunes from the early 2000s or his entrancing new hits, Adam’s dashing vibe and addictive falsetto make him an obvious addition to this list. He’s also a huge supporter of LGBT rights and ADHD, making him quite the NJB.


  1. Billy Joel

This guy deserves a bottle of red AND a bottle of wine with the tremendous talent he possesses. Just like Simon & Garfunkel, he’s absolutely timeless and tireless. It’s simply impossible to overplay songs like Scenes from an Italian Restaurant or Piano Man, and we have a special fondness for For the Longest Time! He simply exudes perfection and talent in all aspects of life, and that, friends, is why he will always be one of the top Jewish musicians of all time.


And if you’re looking to get to know some up and coming Jewish musicians, don’t miss the next Atlanta Jewish Music Festival!


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